Olek the Clown; "Clumsy" Dalish Entertainer


4 Communication
1 Constitution
1 Cunning
6 Dexterity (Legerdmain, Light Blades)
1 Magic
2 Perception
1 Strength
3 Willpower (Courage)

Health: 30 Armor: 0
Defense: 16 Speed: 18

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Dagger +8 1d6+2
Fist +6 1d3+1

Favored Stunt: Defensive Stance and Pierce Armor (1SP)

-Dual-Weapon Style (Novice) *+1 bonus to AR or Defense when using “activate” action
-Thievery (Novice) *Re-roll Dexterity (Lockpicking)

Weapon Groups:
- Bows
- Brawling
- Light Blades
- Staves

Class Powers (Rogue Lvl. 1): Backstab, Rogue’s Armor


  • Daggers (2)
  • Juggling Balls
  • Marked Cards
  • Other Magic Tricks

Olek is a Dalish elf entertainer traveling with his sister Dielza, Doren, and Renalli. He has an odd appearance for an elf: his ears are bigger than average and he has a mighty nose to match. His arms and legs seem a bit too long for his body and his hands and feet are slightly bigger than they should be. This clumsy appearance belies his dexterous nature and Olek excels at entertaining the crowd with his legerdmain. He also has sticky fingers but generally only steals items of little value.


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